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Welcome to What the F**k Am I Doing?

Crowdsourcing My Future Because I Clearly Cannot Be Left in Charge.

What the Fuck Am I Doing? I am an unemployed, tattooed biker with a PhD who is about to begin an Associate's Degree; a terrible student turned personal fitness trainer turned psychologist turned field grade military officer who is about to begin culinary school at 48-years-old. Through this blog, I will share my experience, thoughts and plans about money, education, career, parenting, relationships, physical fitness and all other areas of life in the hope that you all will chime in and help me better understand this bizarre life that I've created.  Oh yeah, I also curse a a fucking shit ton.

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Learning to Bet on Myself

For the past few weeks, I have wrestled with my tendency to invite excess busy-ness and chaos into my life. I have talked about this in...

Over-Booking My Life

Holy shit, I'm tired. Not the kind of tired that's remedied with a nap, though. My soul is tired. You almost didn't get to read that...

Doctoral Debacle

Upon completing my master's degree, I applied to doctoral programs, not so much because I expected to get in, but because I thought it...

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